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For the very best in hearing protection and unmatched comfort, our custom earplugs are moulded to your ear.

No two ears are the same! You may have noticed this when fiddling around with your earphones trying to get them to sit perfectly in position. This is where we step in. With our professional moulded earplugs, not only do you benefit from expert craftsmanship, clinical precision and a bespoke aesthetic, but using our 3D scanning technology they will fit better than a glove. We guarantee a product that not only looks great but feels great in your ears too!

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I work night shifts and find it hard to sleep during the day. I bought a pair of generic ear plugs online which ended up being a waste of money as they hardly blocked out any noise and fell out constantly. I decided to get myself some custom ear plugs from London Hearing Specialist and wow these things are amazing. I am falling asleep much quicker and am finally getting a quality daytime sleep. Highly recommend!

Jenny T


Our state of the art laboratory is fully kitted with the latest in 3D technology, meaning our team can also precision print premium quality custom in-ear products quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss. All we need are ear impressions taken by one of our specialist audiologists during your appointment and then we will take care of the rest.

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Working with one of the only ear laboratories based in London, we always have our finger on the pulse with the latest trends in fashion and design emanating from our world-leading capital city. The R&D team, which includes a fashion consultant, make a point of ensuring our products reflect this by continually reviewing and updating our styling options, giving you the opportunity to express your own individuality by creating a bespoke aesthetic with our products.

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Appointment Details


Step 1Make an Appointment. Make an appointment to see one of our expert audiologists.

Step 2Pre Examination of the Ears – We will examine your ears using specialist equipment and advise if there is any wax in the ears. Before we take an impression any build-up of wax needs to be removed in order to create a ‘perfect’ impression. If we find a build-up of ear wax an additional fee to remove this will be added.

Step 3Impression – We will take an impression of your ears used to create your customised earplugs

Step 43D Printing – We will send off the impressions to our lab who will create your unique earplugs using our precision 3D technology

Step 5Collection – We will contact you by 3 weeks for collection


Protect Yourself From Permanent Hearing Loss. London Hearing Specialist Have Moulded Earplug Solutions For Every Lifestyle.

We are committed to helping you protect your hearing for a lifetime. From swimming to motorcycling, many everyday activities can cause irreversible damage to your hearing.

Our specialist custom earplugs are designed to suppress loud noises to a safe level, sealing the ear canal to prevent noise or water damage. Each set of earplugs are bespoke to fit your ears perfectly, offering optimum comfort and protection.

Audiologist taking impressions to mould custom earplugs for swimming
Ear Plugs For Sleeping

Prices Start From £110 For A Pair

Are you having problems sleeping? Do you live on a busy road and are interrupted by the constant flow of busy traffic? Do you work night shifts and need to sleep during the day? Maybe you live in a city centre and are disturbed by the loud urban sounds. Or is it’s just the sound of your partner snoring that is keeping you up at night?

Cheap, standard ear plugs are often not fit for purpose and will only provide a very minimum level of noise reduction. They can be irritating and due to them being a ‘one size fits all’ they often fall out. Because of the universal fitting, these types of ear plugs do not create a ‘seal’ that is needed to defend the user from noise. Our soft, bespoke ear plugs offer maximum noise reduction and they are so comfy you will forget that you are wearing them.

Ear Plugs For Motorcycles & Motorsports

Prices Start From £155 For A Pair

Riding a motorcycle doesn’t offer the protection of a contained vehicle such as a car or van and subsequently is open to the elements. Whether you are a keen biker, a courier or someone who uses their bike for sport you will be very aware of the high noise levels produced from wind when travelling at high speeds. Studies have shown that wind noise can significantly contribute to noise-induced hearing loss, especially among cyclists and motorcyclists.

Our bespoke ear plugs are comfortable to wear over long rides, fit securely under your helmet, and won’t fall out at high speeds. Whilst they block out the harmful sounds our ear plugs still allow you to communicate easily.

custom hearing protection for motorcyclists
Ear Plugs For Musicians

Prices Start From £185 For A Pair

Being a singer of a band or musician comes with a very serious risk of noise-induced hearing loss. From long days playing in your rehearsing space to performing on stage, you’re constantly exposed to high levels of noise. 

Lower quality, standard ear plugs do not offer the protection needed to protect your hearing. Over the ear defenders have the opposite problem of reducing noise too much meaning you are unable to hear yourself or the band around you. The answer is our custom made earplugs for musicians which allow you to hear the important sounds whilst protecting you from damaging noises.

Ear Plugs For Swimmers

Prices Start From £110 For A Pair

Ideal for both adults and children our custom swimming earplugs are comfortable to wear and are water-tight meaning you can enjoy your swim without having to worry about swimmer’s ear, surfers ear or otitis externa. The secure fit also helps to ensure that they never fall out mid-way through a swim

Being made from high-quality silicone, our ear plugs are very durable and can be used over and over without impacting comfort or the protection that they offer.

custom swimming ear plugs london
Ear Plugs For Shooters

Prices Start From £185 For A Pair

Exposing your ears to loud sudden gunshots can be very harmful to your hearing and can result in permanent hearing loss. No matter if you shoot as part of a shooting team, as part of a hobby or as a profession, it’s very important to make sure your hearing is protected.

Our custom shooting earplugs are specifically designed to block out the loud noises made by gunshots, suppressing the sound to safe levels for your hearing whilst allowing you to easily communicate with those around you.

shooting ear protection london

Custom Moulded Earplugs FAQ's

How long does it take to make my custom earplugs?

Once we have taken impressions of your ears we will send them off to our labs that usually return them ready for collection in 7-10 days. Once we receive your new custom earplugs we will contact you to let you know they are ready for collection.

Why are custom earplugs better than standard earplugs?

Our bespoke ear plugs seal the ear canal perfectly due to the moulding process. This means that not only will the earplug stay firmly in your ear but many of our customers have reported they forget they are using them due to how comfortable and well fitted they are.

How much do the moulded earplugs cost?

Our moulded earplug prices start from £95. Please contact us for more information or book to see one of our audiologists who can recommend which ear protection product would best suit your requirements.

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