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Home Visits for Hearing Aids

Can’t make it to our clinics? No problem, we bring our services to you! At London Hearing Specialist, we can provide you or your loved ones with a professional one-on-one service in the comfort of your home. We have a dedicated team of fully trained professionals who can come out to you.

Not only that, we can also arrange visits to Nursing homes, Assisted living or at your workplace, at a time that is convenient for you.


Home Visit Prices

Home Ear Wax Removal appointments start from £165.

Home Hearing Consultations start from £95.

Home Custom Ear Protection start from £185.


Preparing for Your Appointment with an Audiologist

  • To prepare for your appointment, we recommend using Olive oil ear drops to soften the earwax.
  • You should NOT use olive oil in your ears if you have been advised by a medical professional or notice an unpleasant taste; this could indicate that your eardrum has a hole in it. Please notify us if this occurs, and our professionals will discuss next steps.
  • If you wear hearing aids, avoid wearing them after you put olive oil in your ears as you could damage your hearing aids.
  • Your ears might feel more blocked up after using olive oil and might reduce your hearing – this is due to the wax absorbing the oil. This is a common occurrence and a necessary step in the preparation for a Micro-suction procedure.
Medh was very helpful in explaining the process of ear wax removal. Hos was cheerful and very professional, and it really helped to enhance my experience of them. I've now told my dad about what they did to aid me and he is also wanting to give them a try. If your looking for professional services, then this is definitely a place you should look into!
Opinion about London Hearing Specialist from Kim From CSS
Kim From CSS
I had a great service at this audiologist. I cannot remember the name of the consultant who saw me although it will be on their files in the Camden branch. I went there last Saturday in the afternoon. He was highly informative, put me at ease and swifty diagnosed my ear condition giving me reassuring and informative advice. He explained a lot of the technicalities of the ears in simple terms and with some diagrammatical models. I now know the next steps for both fixing my current ear condition and preventing any future issues involving my ears. Thank you so much!!
Opinion about London Hearing Specialist from Angelo Scannapieco
Angelo Scannapieco
She was pleasant, effective and yet gentle and cautious. I felt for the most part safe in her hands. There will be a follow up appointment at Milton’s eye care in a few days. Otherwise excellent!!
Opinion about London Hearing Specialist from Virginia Holmes-Landry
Virginia Holmes-Landry
Never having had an ear wax removal procedure before this morning, I was a little apprehensive, but I lucked out for sure choosing this place. The professional giving treatment was friendly, informative, reassuring and highly skilled. The wax removal took just a few minutes and the results were fantastic.
Opinion about London Hearing Specialist from Andy Stewart
Andy Stewart
I had an amazing experience. The team provided exceptional customer service and the Ear Specialist demonstrated expert knowledge and genuine care. They took the time to listen, understand my concerns, and explain my condition and treatment options clearly. Their use of advanced technology was impressive. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone in need of a knowledgeable and caring ear specialist.
Opinion about London Hearing Specialist from Mohammed Saleh
Mohammed Saleh
London Hearing Specialist
488 (Highly Recommended)

Hearing & Ear Care Home Visits

Tailored for your ears, our custom moulded ear plugs offer superior protection. Perfect for musicians, swimmers, and industrial workers seeking to preserve their hearing in challenging environments.

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Here at London Hearing Specialist we provide a full, diagnostic test which is carried out by expert, clinical Audiologists.

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We take extra care to clean any wax or infection discharge out of the ear canal with a suction device.

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Ear Wax Home Visit Procedure

The following are the five primary steps for our Home visits:

1. Consent form and acquiring your medical history.

2. Examining the condition of your ears and a general ear health check.

3. Detailing you about how the Micro-suction procedure will be carried out and answering any queries/questions.

4. The Micro-suction procedure, which will last 5-10 minutes. If the wax is stubborn it may take slightly longer to remove.

Micro-suction is pain-free and the safest procedure to remove earwax.

5. Finally, a post-procedure check-up of your ear canals and ear drums making sure there are no abnormalities detected.


Safety Elements to Consider

Please let us know if you have encountered any of the following when booking for a Home Visit:

  • Have you suffered from any pain or infections in your ears in the last 30 days?
  • Do you suffer from balance or vertigo attacks?
  • Do you suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears)?
  • Do you have a perforated eardrum (hole in your eardrum)?
  • Have you had any previous operations on your ear/nose/throat?
  • Are you currently under care from ENT or receiving any treatments on your ears?
  • Are you taking any anticoagulants (blood thinning medication) such as Warfarin/Aspirin?

Find Our Specialised Audiology Clinics

Explore our seven dedicated clinics, each uniquely equipped to provide exceptional, individualized audiology care tailored to meet your hearing and balance needs.

Visit London Hearing Specialist at Camden clinic
Camden Contact Lens Centre,
32-36 Camden High Street,
Camden, NW1 0JH
Visit London Hearing Specialist at Hampstead clinic
Miltons Eyecare,
38 Heath Street,
Hampstead, NW3 6TE
Visit London Hearing Specialist at Marylebone clinic
Madesil Pharmacy,
20, Marylebone High Street,
Marylebone, W1U 4PB
Visit London Hearing Specialist at Old Street clinic
193 Whitecross Street
Visit London Hearing Specialist at Victoria clinic
Gees Chemist,
27-29 Warwick Way,
London SW1V 1QT
Visit London Hearing Specialist at Potters Bar clinic
Questmoor Pharmacy,
96 High Street,
Potters Bar, EN6 5AT
Visit London Hearing Specialist at Ware clinic
Eastware Pharmacy,
Burgage Lane,
Ware, SG12 9FT
Visit London Hearing Specialist at Hatfield clinic
The Oak House Studios & Therapies
Hatfield House, Church Street
Hatfield, AL9 5AR