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Phonak Hearing Aids

London Hearing Specialists vision is closely linked to Phonak’s vision to make the world a better place for those with hearing difficulty. Along with Phonak, London Hearing Specialist understands the impact hearing loss has on an individual and their loved ones.

Phonak, a Swiss company is the market leader in the hearingcare industry with approximately a 24% market share. A reputation has been forged for the creation of high quality products with the latest technology. Phonak also boasts the largest network of service centres across the world.

Solutions for every need

Phonak Hearing Aid Portfolio

Phonak has focused on developing and manufacturing hearing aids and accessories over the past 50 years for over 100 countries.

They currently have a UK headquarters based in Cheshire, which employs over a 100 staff for the manufacturing, sales, marketing and technical support of its devices.

Phonak have an extensive portfolio of products to meet all prescriptions, requirements, lifestyles and budgets.

Audiologist demonstrating Phonak hearing aid brand portfolio

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex, a leading Danish Manufacturer of premium hearing aids, are acclaimed for producing some of the most natural-sounding hearing aids. Widex has been at the forefront of the industry for over 60 years, with its dedication to providing perfect hearing, arising from its considerable investment in R&D, leading to ground breaking innovations on a regular basis.

The latest range of hearing aids - WIDEX MOMENT, features Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Zero Delay technology producing the most natural sound ever- As Widex clients would say " it doesn’t sound like a hearing aid".

The range of hearing aids offered by Widex offer connectivity to many devices including mobile phones, Ipads and computers. They also offer rechargeable options and a variety of discreet styles to suit all hearing losses and lifestyles.

Why do Widex Moment hearing aids not sound like hearing aids?

Widex have developed Zero delay, overcoming the longstanding issue that processed sound reaches the eardrum a split second later than the sound travelling directly through the hearing aid tip. The Zero delay accelerator reduces the sound delay to less than 0.5 milliseconds so that the two sound signals come together at the same time within the eardrum. This unique sound experience is described as Widex Puresound.

Widex Moment hearing aids can be personalised via the Smartphone app, with the user being able to easily add programmes should they wish to reflect a specific lifestyle situation such as in a commute to work or in the stand at a football match watching their favourite team.

Widex Moment features

  • Discrete rechargeable style, offering the smallest lithium-ion rechargeable on the market

  • Only needs a 4 hour charge to last a full day

  • Bluetooth connectivity to iPhone and Android, without the need for an intermediary device, for great sound quality direct to your hearing aids

  • TV streaming direct to the hearing aids with the stylish TV play accessory

  • Water resistant hearing aids

Choosing the right hearing aid for you

Hearing Consultation

With an extensive range of models and styles available, picking the right hearing aid might feel daunting. During your consultation, our Audiologist will take the time to understand your prescription, lifestyle needs, and aesthetic preferences, to find the perfect hearing device for you.

For further assurance, London Hearing Specialist offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on all hearing aids. If you are not satisfied with your hearing aids after 60 days, you can return them for a full refund.

Hearing aid fitting consultation

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