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Hearing Aid Repair

We know you rely on your hearing aid, so if yours is damaged or not working as it should, it can have a huge impact on your life. London Hearing Specialist offer a full Phonak Hearing Aid repair service to help diagnose and fix problems.

Hearing aids can be brought to us for repair, even if they haven't been purchased from us, or are out of warranty.

Preventing the need for repairs

Hearing Aid Maintenance

At our clinic, we offer ongoing maintenance, as well as repairs. Our Audiologist will test the condition of your hearing aid, and replace worn out filters, domes or batteries, to help prevent the need for future repairs.

Any hearing aids purchased from London Hearing Specialist come with free aftercare for life. As part of this service, we offer patients a regular 6 monthly service to check their hearing aid is working as it should. In between appointments, patients can see our Audiologist free of charge to discuss adjustments, questions, or concerns they may have.

Here when you need us

Emergency Hearing Aid Repair

We understand that being without your hearing aid can be difficult. We always aim to be flexible for our patients and can often offer emergency same-day appointments.

Our experts have the tools they need to repair your device in the clinic, so you will not be without your hearing aid for long.

Prices start from £189 per device and include a full 6-month warranty. Book an appointment to discuss with our Audiologist for a free no obligation quote.


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