Examining The Middle Ear

What is Tympanometry?

Tympanometry is a simple medical test that allows us to measure the function and movement of the eardrum and middle ear. It helps us determine whether your hearing loss can be helped by hearing aids or if another one of our treatments would be more suitable. Even if you aren't experiencing hearing loss, tympanometry can pick up middle ear problems, especially in children.

You might be wondering, what is the middle ear?

To give a quick explanation of the structure of your ear, this is made up of three parts – the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. When there is a problem within the middle ear, this makes it harder for sound to move from your outer ear to your inner ear and then to your brain.


How does Tympanometry work?

Tympanometry is how we test the function of the middle ear and we can use it to determine if your hearing loss is likely to require hearing aids or another treatment path.

We use a highly sophisticated machine which exerts a small (and painless) amount of pressure in your ear as well as a low tone.

With this, we can measure the movement of your eardrum to see whether the middle ear is functioning as we would expect. Abnormal tympanogram results may

  • Blockage or fluid build-up in your middle ear (most common).
  • Blocked or clogged eustachian tubes (the tubes that open and close to control air pressure
    inside your ears).
  • Growths in your middle ear.
  • Abnormal movement of the middle ear bones (malleus, incus and stapes)
  • A perforation of the eardrum not observed during otoscopy.
  • A scarred eardrum (from an infection or fluid).
    Tympanometry can also be used to tell if an eardrum is fully healed following an infection or

Why is Tympanometry used?

Used by Audiologists to detect several things within the middle ear. Such as, the presence of fluid, a middle ear infection or a perforated ear drum. This test is particularly important for children but may also be offered to adults as part of a standard hearing consultation. This test may sometimes help the Audiologist determine the cause of your hearing loss.

Adults and children, who require the medical approval to use hearing aids, will require a tympanometry test. This will be to ensure there is no fluid within your middle ear, as this may indicate hearing aids are not actually necessary and in fact this fluid has been the cause of your hearing loss. If this is the case, your Audiologist will suggest ways to treat this, as fortunately this condition is temporary and treatable.

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What to expect

What to expect during your Tympanometry appointment

Tympanometry comes as part of our standard hearing consultation. Once you're seated and comfortable, we'll place the device inside your ear. This isn't an uncomfortable experience, in fact, it just feels like an earplug.

The tool then gets to work on causing the air pressure in your ear canal to change, a sensation which is often compared to that of taking-off and landing in a plane. Whilst this pressure is changing, the device will measure and record your eardrum's movement, so it's important that you're quiet and still during the test.

During the test your Audiologist will see a graph on a device called a Tympanogram. This device will display the results of your middle ear test. Highlighting any problems within the middle ear.
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