Understanding the cost of hearing aids is important for individuals seeking better hearing health.  

The average cost of a hearing aid will vary based on a range of factors that include technology, features, brand, style of hearing aid and lastly the degree of your hearing loss.

We can’t give you a concrete figure as we recommend booking a hearing test first so that our Audiologist can better understand your current hearing levels.

Once the audiologist assesses your results, they will be able to discuss different hearing aid options, payment plans and aftercare.

This blog will provide a detailed overview, enabling you to make an informed decision about investing in the future of your hearing.

Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing aid prices in the UK are different based on the brand type you purchase. 

At London Hearing Specialists, we don’t specify the price for a hearing aid, but rather a complete plan that starts from £1,695 (87p a day) to the upper scale of £3,595 (£1.91 per day).

Hearing care plans are different where individuals can receive more features, warranties and accessories based on the plan that they can afford & is right for them.

Below, is an example of a God Care Plan which is one of the most popular packages we have:

  • Hearing aids from our Gold Range
  • Fitting and fine-tuning of the hearing aids with REMs.
  • Unlimited aftercare, check-ups, and reassessments.
  • 4-year warranty
  • Half-price ear wax removal service

Learn more about our different care plans here.

We have a hearing aid finance plan to allow individuals to spread the cost of their hearing aid plan to lessen the burden and allow them to make smaller payments each month.

What’s Included in the Price of a Hearing Aid?

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Styles & Types of Hearing Aids

Do you need a Hearing Aid for both ears?

People who suffer from hearing loss in both ears will require a hearing aid for each ear. 

If your hearing loss is mild in one ear but severe in the other, an Audiologist may recommend you have both hearing aids to ensure your brain recognises the sound balance in both ears.

This will allow you to hear and understand sound more effectively than just one hearing aid.

Considerations when Buying a Hearing Aid

Social Engagement: If you’re an active & sociable person, you may want to consider a more expensive hearing aid that offers increased levels of noise reduction and provides brilliant sound quality.

Type of Hearing Aid: Individuals can purchase various types of hearing aids such as Behind The Ear, In the Ear, In the Canal, Cros and Titanium In the Ear. Visit an Audiologist and find out which type is best for you.

Severity of Hearing Loss: Book a hearing test with an Audiologist to discuss the severity of your hearing loss as they will be the best individual to recommend a style of hearing aid that will help your hearing impairment.

Features & Technology: Decide on technology that is within your budget and that will help your hearing health. For each hearing aid, there will be several different features the more money you spend. 

Fit & Comfort: Prioritise the comfort of your ears by ensuring the style & type of hearing aid fits your ears.