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What To Expect At Your Hearing Consultation

If you are struggling to hear, have noticed pain within your ear, or need to have your hearing checked annually a comprehensive hearing consultation from London Hearing Specialist is just what you need. Our full hearing consultation is much more in-depth than the free hearing tests offered by high street companies.

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What is included in a full hearing consultation

Once you have booked a hearing consultation with a team member from one of our practices across London, below is what you can expect on the day of your appointment:

• Consultation and Medical History. One of our highly experienced Audiologists will run through some important aspects of your medical history and hearing health. We will spend time discussing your symptoms, hearing history, areas in your lifestyle where you experience difficulties hearing, as well as other related issues such as family history, previous noise exposure and issues relating to ear wax or tinnitus.

• Video-otoscopy. We will examine your ear canal and ear drums using our specialist video camera to detect any obvious issues or obstructions within the ear. We can display this on screen should you wish to see. We will save the image in your medical record to allow us to compare the health of your ears on every visit.

• Pure Tone Audiometry. We will carry out Air -Conduction, Bone-Conduction and Masking in our soundproof booth. We can identify both the severity and nature of the hearing loss.

• Tympanometry. This is a test of middle ear function and eardrum movement, where we can identify any negative pressure, congestion, or fluid in the middle ear. (This test can be arranged where required).

• Speech Discrimination Testing. This allows us to test your ability to understand speech with and without background noise

• Results. We will provide a full explanation of your test results and try and understand how the results tie in with the issues you may be experiencing. Where required we will provide appropriate recommendations. We will take into consideration Technology, Style, Comfort and Price when helping you find the appropriate solution.

• Hearing Aid Demonstration. We will demonstrate the most appropriate hearing aid technology (if required).

• Print Out. You will leave us with a presentation folder including your test results, reports, quotations for further treatment if required.

Signs you may need your hearing tested

When experiencing the following symptoms, our team of professional Audiologists would recommend you book a comprehensive hearing test to source the cause and offer a treatment or solution.

• If you are struggling to understand people when speaking

• You are experiencing a persistent ringing in your ears – You could be experiencing Tinnitus, which is a common condition affecting people across a number of ages. For more information about Tinnitus and the Tinnitus management service we offer head over to our Tinnitus page.

• You have been missing important sounds such as alarms and doorbells

• Conversations in busy environments have become difficult

• Trouble talking on the phone

• You are experiencing an uncomfortable and persistent pain within one or both ears

• You find yourself turning up the volume on the TV

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    My hearing loss really started to affect my confidence as I was struggling to hear conversations. I was worried that I may have damaged my ears from listening to loud music at the gym through my headphones. After booking an appointment to get my ears checked it turned out to only be a bad build up of ear wax. I am so relieved that I had done no permanent damage to my ears. Thank you so much to London Hearing Specialist.

    Helen T
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