Live Music Monitors For Musicians

Prices Start From £750 For A Pair

Designed for live musicians, these in-ear monitors enable users to hear the mix of microphones and instruments on stage whilst also providing a high level of noise reduction, allowing them to perform at their highest levels.

We use Shure SE535 monitors which deliver spacious audio with rich bass and effective sound isolation. They feature triple high-definition armature drivers, dual woofers and an integrated passive crossover to ensure high and low frequencies remain distinct and defined.

**Please note, if you are a singer, we will need open-mouth ear impressions to manufacture your plugs. Please instruct your ear impression agent of this when attending to get them done.


  • Medically-graded Silicone
    Medically approved, preventing skin irritation when in use.
  • Easy to Clean
    Using cleansing wipes or spray.
  • High Quality Finish
    With a wide range of finish options combined with excellent craftmanship we offer some of the highest quality finished ear plugs in the industry.
  • Occlusion Effect
    The deep and custom fit of the plug is designed to help reduce the distortion of your own voice.
  • Triple High Definition Micro-drivers
    Including dedicated tweeter and dual woofers, for audio clarity across the frequency range.
  • Integrated Passive Crossover
    Ensuring high and low frequencies remain distinct and defined.
  • Spacious Sound
    With rich, responsive bass.
  • Gold Plated MMCX Connector That Has a Lock Snap Mechanism
    Allowing 360-degree rotation for a comfortable fit.

Custom Live Music Monitor FAQ's

  • How long does it take to make my custom live music monitors?
    After you have had your appointment and we have taken impressions of your ears we will send them off to our labs. Your new custom earplugs will be ready for collection within 7-10 days.
  • Will these music monitors protect me from the loud instrument noises?
    Custom earplugs are a great option if you are a musician and want to protect your hearing. Being custom made they are very comfortable and will not irritate your ears. They will protect you from the harsh, loud instrument noises whilst still allowing you to hear the rest of your band.
  • Can I speak to someone before I make my purchase?
    Absolutely! Get in contact via our online contact form or ring 020 3773 1230 and book a consultation with one of our expert audiologists who will be able to answer any of your questions and provide any recommendations to your unique requirements.


Our state of the art laboratory is fully kitted with the latest in 3D technology, meaning our team can also precision print premium quality custom in-ear products quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss. All we need are ear impressions taken by one of our specialist audiologists during your appointment and then we will take care of the rest.


Working with one of the only ear laboratories based in London, we always have our finger on the pulse with the latest trends in fashion and design emanating from our world leading capital city. The R&D team, which includes a fashion consultant, make a point of ensuring our products reflect this by continually reviewing and updating our styling options, giving you the opportunity to express your own individuality by creating a bespoke aesthetic with our products.

Appointment Details

Step 1 – Make an Appointment. Make an appointment to see one of our expert audiologists.

Step 2 – Pre Examination of the Ears – We will examine your ears using specialist equipment and advise if there is any wax in the ears. Before we take an impression any build-up of wax needs to be removed in order to create a ‘perfect’ impression. If we find a build-up of ear wax an additional fee to remove this will be added.

Step 3 – Impression – We will take an impression of your ears used to create your customised earplugs

Step 4 – 3D Printing – We will send off the impressions to our lab who will create your unique earplugs using our precision 3D technology

Step 5 – Collection – We will contact you by 3 weeks for collection

Never having had an ear wax removal procedure before this morning, I was a little apprehensive, but I lucked out for sure choosing this place. The professional giving treatment was friendly, informative, reassuring and highly skilled. The wax removal took just a few minutes and the results were fantastic.
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Andy Stewart
I had an amazing experience. The team provided exceptional customer service and the Ear Specialist demonstrated expert knowledge and genuine care. They took the time to listen, understand my concerns, and explain my condition and treatment options clearly. Their use of advanced technology was impressive. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone in need of a knowledgeable and caring ear specialist.
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Mohammed Saleh
She was pleasant, effective and yet gentle and cautious. I felt for the most part safe in her hands. There will be a follow up appointment at Milton’s eye care in a few days. Otherwise excellent!!
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Virginia Holmes-Landry
I had the the pleasure of having earwax blockage cleared by Victoria! She is amazing and also I felt relief! I will be returning for the follow up soon! Thank you Victoria!
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Aisha Ali
Medh was very helpful in explaining the process of ear wax removal. Hos was cheerful and very professional, and it really helped to enhance my experience of them. I've now told my dad about what they did to aid me and he is also wanting to give them a try. If your looking for professional services, then this is definitely a place you should look into!
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Kim From CSS
London Hearing Specialist
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