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Custom Swimming Earplugs

Swimming is a great form of exercise, but if you are regularly in the water, your ears can become sensitive. Our custom swimming earplugs help to seal water and bacteria out of the ear canal, reducing the risk of infection.

Custom made for you, our earplugs are comfortable to wear and completely water-tight, so you can enjoy your morning swim without worrying about ear infections.

Lady in a pool wearing custom swimming ear plugs
Tailor made for you

Custom Moulded Earplugs

To make your custom earplugs, we will first take impressions of your ears. We use these impressions to mould earplugs that will fit you perfectly, sealing water out of your ear canals. Not only will this protect your ears from bacteria, it will also help to ensure your earplugs never fall out mid-way through a swim.

Our earplugs are made from high-quality silicone and are designed to be durable, so you can reuse them again and again, without impacting the effectiveness or comfort.

Audiologist taking impressions to mould custom earplugs for swimming
Earplugs designed for you

Find the perfect solution

Our custom earplugs are ideal for both kids and adults. So whether you swim for sport, leisure or enjoy other water-based activities, our specialists will be able to create the perfect earplug to suit your needs.

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Child wearing custom swimming ear plugs in the pool

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