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Custom Motorcycling Earplugs

Every motorcyclist knows the importance of wearing protective equipment on their head and body, but many don’t realise the importance of also protecting their hearing.

Loud traffic, motorcycle engines, and wind noises can all take a toll on your ears, causing irreversible hearing damage. Our custom made earplugs help to dull these noises to a safe level, so you can get back to riding safely.

Designed to be durable

Custom Moulded Ear Plugs

We mould our custom earplugs to fit the shape of your ears perfectly, so they are comfortable to wear over long rides, fit securely under your helmet, and won’t fall out at high speeds.

Unlike single-use alternatives, our hearing protectors are designed to be hardwearing. Made from high-quality silicone, they can be cleaned and reused again and again, without impacting the effectiveness or comfort.

Motorcyclist wearing custom noise protection ear plugs
Keeping you safe

Functional Hearing Protection

We understand that your hearing protection needs to be functional. While loud wind and engine noises can be harmful and distracting, there are noises on the road that are important to hear. Our earplugs are designed to dull damaging noises without blocking important sounds like car horns and emergency sirens.

For hearing protection that helps you stay safe while riding, book an appointment with our Audiologist and receive a free no-obligation quote.

Motorcyclist wearing custom hearing protection under helmet

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