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What To Expect At Your Hearing Consultation

Our Full Consultation is a 90-minute appointment which includes 8 main areas of focus:

1. Extensive Medical History – Extensive information relating to ear health, hearing health and general health.

2. Client Orientated Scale of Improvement – Review of areas or situations in which you may find difficulty in hearing or would like to hear better in.

3. Otoscopy – Look inside the ear with a medical instrument which will show the health of the ear canal and ear drum.

4. Video Otoscopy – Live video showing the inside of your ear including key points such as the ear canal and ear drum with a full explanation along the way.

5. Full Hearing Assessment – Pure Tone Audiometry with Air-Conduction and Bone-Conduction testing. Full spectrum of frequencies tested allowing us to understand complete hearing ability and location of hearing loss in the auditory pathway.

6. Explanation of Results – An explanation of results linked to the Client Orientated Scale of Improvement and the cause for issues described earlier.

7. Demonstration – A pair of hearing aids will be programmed to your test results and prescription required. You will be able to spend some time in the consulting room, the store and on the high street to gain a better understanding of how the hearing aids are helping.

8. Recommendation & Solution – Our Audiologist will recommend the best solution to you based on your test results, areas of difficulty, style and budget. All our hearing aids come with a 60 Day Trial!

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