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Video Otoscopy

Examining Your Ears With Live Video

Our handy video otoscopy tool allows us to look inside your ear and assess the the ear canal and drum on a closer level. You'll get to discover what's going on inside your ears too with our live video which will be displayed on a computer to give you a better understanding of why you may be experiencing some discomfort. We'll take the time to explain what everything means as we go along and answer any questions you might have to put your mind at ease.

What to expect on the day

Why We Use Video Otoscopy

Once you've booked your appointment with us, we ask that you come in to the clinic with untouched ears. That means no cotton buds or last minute cleaning; this tends to cause more harm than good and we'd prefer to treat your ears ourselves with specialist tools. One of those is the video otoscopy, where we record the inside of your ear and examine the important parts such as the ear canal and drum. It's a quick process and we'll talk you through it as we go along, pointing out the areas that may be the cause of your ear discomfort. We can then book you in for the relevant procedure.

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