Fitting & Follow Up

At London Hearing Specialist, we believe the most important time with your new hearing aids is during the first 6 weeks.

That’s why we hold your hand every step of the way, starting with your fitting appointment.

Fitting Appointment

During this appointment, we will configure the hearing aids to your prescription and run a series of tests to make sure the devices are working at their optimum performance and you can hear all the benefits. We will carry out fine tuning on your hearing aids using our advanced software.

We will go on to test the hearing aids in a quiet room with a 1-1 conversation, in a busy store (with background noise) and on the high street to make sure you can hear cris and clear in all situations.

We will finish by showing you how to use the hearing aids, how to look after them and answer any questions you may have.

Don’t Worry! If there is anything you forgot to ask at this appointment you will be provided with our Audiologists contact details for you get in touch anytime, along with a second appointment booked in the diary.

First Follow Up (7 Days Later)

This will be your first appointment since taking your hearing aids home. Our Audiologist will run through a series of checks to see how you are getting on. They will connect your devices to the system and make any changes required. They will also answer any questions you may have.

Second Follow Up (14 Days Later)

This appointment will be 3 weeks after being fitted with hearing aids. This will give some time to adjust to the new sound, and experience the hearing aids in multiple listening situations. This appointment will allow for any feedback to be given on changes made during the first follow up.

Third Follow Up (14 Days Later)

This appointment is a final check to make sure both the patient and Audiologist are happy with progress so far. This appointment can be carried out over the telephone if preferred by the patient.

Don’t forget, all hearing aids come with FREE Unlimited aftercare for life, so between service appointments if anything does come up book in for your appointment to make any further adjustments and answer all questions.