Hearing Health Check

Our Hearing Health Check is a 30-minute appointment which includes 4 main areas of focus:

1. Medical History – Information relating to ear health, hearing health and general health.

2. Otoscopy – Look inside the ear with a medical instrument which will show the health of the ear canal and ear drum.

3. Hearing Screen – 4 Point check at 500hz, 1000Hz, 2000Hz and 4000Hz. These frequencies cover the broad spectrum of hearing and give us a good indication of potential hearing loss.

4. Explanation of Results – An explanation of results and what falls within normal, mild, moderate, severe or profound hearing.

If results from the Hearing Health Check fall out of normal limits, you will be invited back for a Full Consultation which investigates your hearing in greater detail.

If you are an existing hearing aid wearer or feel you would like to go straight into a Full Consultation please let a member of our team know and we can book you in for our Full Consultation.

How Hearing Works