There are 4 main styles of hearing aids offered at London Hearing Specialist. These can be seen below. Each style is available in different sizes and colours. Smaller hearing aids are often less visible but have reduced features and a shorter batter life due to accommodating a smaller battery pill.

Our Audiologist will be able to explain this in much greater detail during your appointment and recommend the hearing aid which is right for you.

Receiver in Canal

Receiver in Canal hearing aids sit behind the ear with a small plastic wire transmitting the sound into the ear canal.

Often these hearing aids can be the most comfortable and offer the best quality natural sound.

In the Ear

In the ear hearing aids sit completely in the ear canal allowing them to be the most discreet hearing aids. Their close proximity to the ear drum allows them to assist severe hearing losses.

Titanium In the Ear

Titanium in the ear hearing aids are stronger and lighter than regular acrylic hearing aids. This allows for a more durable hearing aid and results in an even small device.


Cros hearing aids benefit patients who have a ‘bad’ ear on one side only. Cross hearing aids allow sounds from the bad ear to be picked up and transferred to the other side.