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Dealing with social anxiety and hearing loss at events

When summer rolls around, conversations start buzzing as people plan trips to festivals, sporting events or even just get-togethers and barbecues at friends’ houses. They’re all getting excited, but are you? Living with hearing loss can make social gatherings more anxiety-inducing than exciting. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The experts at London Hearing Specialist have put together a few handy tips for dealing with social anxiety so you can enjoy all of this summer’s social events.

Don’t ditch your hearing aids

If you are new to hearing aids or feel self-conscious about wearing them, you might be tempted to leave them at home before you head to your social event. It may seem obvious but it’s worth saying: hearing aids today don’t come with the same stigma they once did. Keeping them on will ultimately make it easier for you to enjoy yourself.

Take a break 

Whether you’re going to a friend’s house or going to a concert, remember to give yourself a break. Following conversations across crowds or against blaring music can be draining even for those who don’t have hearing loss. Take 5 minutes out to give your ears a rest and let yourself re-energise.

Scope out the venue

When you arrive at a social event, take a moment to take in the surroundings: are there any places where you can find some quiet time? Are there any places to avoid as they’ll make hearing more difficult? Take note of places where you can slip away for a rest, as well as where loudspeakers or other music devices are located.

Trust the tech

Modern hearing aids are amazing pieces of technology. We’ve certainly seen the difference hearing aids in London have made to our customers’ lives with award winning brands such as Phonak providing a rich, clear hearing experience. But did you know you can kit out your Phonak hearing aids with Phonak hearing aid accessories such as the Roger Pen? The Roger Pen is a wireless microphone that boosts the ability of your hearing aids to pick up conversations across distances and against background noise.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Following the above tips will certainly help you hear more clearly while you’re out and about this summer. However, there may still be times when you miss bits of conversation and simply need something repeated or rephrased. Don’t be afraid to ask. Friends, family and even new acquaintances would much rather have a genuine conversation with you than have you nod and smile without understanding. You’ll have a lot more fun that way and be far less likely to get into misunderstandings.

We’re here to help

If you’re not feeling entirely confident about attending this summer’s social events, we’re here to help. At London Hearing Specialist, we don’t just provide Phonak hearing aids in London, we also provide advice and support so you can adapt to life with hearing loss. Get in touch today or call us directly on 0203 773 1230 and look forward to a summer of fun.