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How to avoid damage to your hearing aids this summer

The heat is well and truly on this summer. For those lucky enough to be going on holiday, it means beachside escapes and dips in the pool, whilst for the rest of us, it’s simply a matter of trying to beat the heat and the sweat. Either way, if you wear digital hearing aids, intense summer sunshine means that they are at greater risk of damage. That’s why at London Hearing Specialist, we’ve put together some handy advice to keep your hearing aids working well this summer.

Shade over sunlight

Digital hearing aids are amazing pieces of technology, but they contain many delicate parts, which don’t fare well under extreme heat, not to mention their plastic casing. When the temperatures soar, this casing can melt and damage the inner workings of your hearing aids. A more likely scenario, however, is the heat silently damaging the internal electronics and batteries.

Whether you’re sunbathing in Primrose Hill or abroad going for a dip in the pool or a swim in the sea, avoid leaving your hearing aids out under direct sunlight. Your best bet is to place them in their storage case in the shade instead.

Stay cool


Our experts always emphasis the importance of staying cool for both you and your hearing aids. The glove compartment of your car may seem like the ideal spot to keep your hearing aids protected, but in the summertime, it can also turn into a furnace as your car heats up while parked. So, if possible, avoid leaving your hearing aids in the car.

Stay dry

Summer heat often comes hand in hand with high humidity too. However, even when it’s dry, if you’re beachside or poolside, splashes of water can still expose your hearing aids to moisture, damaging their internal electronics.

Keep your hearing aids in a waterproof case when you aren’t wearing them and use a microfibre cloth to wipe them down when they are out and in use. At the end of a long, sweaty day, dry out your hearing aids in a dehumidifying case can also help to protect them. We highly discourage using seemingly convenient and harmless items like hairdryers to do this, as this can cause as much damage as the summer heat you were trying to protect them from!

A chemical-free zone


Sunblock, sunscreen, defrizzing hair spray and insect repellent all contain chemicals which can damage your hearing aids. Be sure to take your them out before applying or re-applying any creams and sprays.

Has the damage already been done?

After weeks of glaring sunshine and heat, your hearing aids may already have been damaged. Perhaps you’re finding that sounds are distorted or intermittent? Or maybe the batteries aren’t charging properly anymore… In any case, if you’re concerned that your hearing aids aren’t working properly, don’t worry, London Hearing Specialist is here to help.

Not only do we provide high quality hearing aids in London, but we also provide hearing aid repairs for all Phonak hearing aids, regardless of where they were purchased or if they are out of warranty. All you need to do is book an appointment to see our audiologist for a free no obligation quote, or call us directly on: 0203 773 1230.