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See a Specialist for Ear Wax Removal in London

If you are experiencing earache, difficulty hearing, itchiness in the ear or dizziness, you may have a build-up of ear wax. The ear produces ear wax as a defence mechanism to protect the ear. It should clear naturally, however, there are occasions when it can build up enough to produce noticeable symptoms. In this instance, ear wax removal in London at a clinic like ours could be the next best step for you.

Why does ear wax build up?

You may naturally be more prone to wax build up and need periodic help to clear your ear canals. Ear wax gets drier with age and this can lead to blockages. If you use earplugs or hearing aids, these can push wax far enough into the canal so your body cannot dislodge it. Once you start to experience symptoms, they can get progressively worse and end up being quite severe.

Can you do anything at home?

It’s tempting to try and sort any issue out at home. Unfortunately, most DIY methods only succeed in making the problem worse. Trying to clear ear wax with a cotton bud or your finger can result in ear wax getting pushed further into the ear canal, which impacts it and can exacerbate your symptoms.

Home vacuum systems and ear candles can also dry the ear wax creating a bigger blockage. A few drops of oil can help to soften ear wax, helping it to unblock but, other than that, you should avoid tampering with it.

Ear candling can be detrimental to your overall ear health and can cause the wax to harden, making it harder to remove.


Our principal audiologist, Anshul Morjaria, was recently asked for his expert advice on the dangers of removing ear wax with cotton buds for the Evening Standard – take a look at the article right here:

How to remove ear wax safely

The best way to safely remove ear wax is to visit an ear wax removal clinic in London, like London Hearing Specialist in Camden. Anshul – our highly skilled audiologist, can see you for a free consultation to check the blockage and assess whether excess ear wax needs to be removed and if so, the best way to remove it.

Following this, treatment usually involves micro-suction – the safest and quickest ear wax removal method currently available, or manual removal for less severe cases. To request your free assessment, visit our website or call us directly on 020 3773 1230