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The Dos and Don’ts of Ear Health in 2019

The New Year is a great time for taking a new approach to your life, with getting fit and healthy topping the list of popular resolutions. So why not make 2019 the year you resolve to take better care of your hearing health?

To help you on your way to healthier hearing, here are 7 tips for healthy ears; these do’s and don’ts will help you avoid unnecessary hearing loss so you can enjoy all the sounds around you for years to come.

Let’s get the don’ts out of the way first:

Don’t smoke

A healthy blood supply to your ears is essential to keep them in good shape. Smoking reduces blood flow to the ears, so quitting brings you one step closer to healthy hearing.

Don’t ignore pain

If you’ve got a persistent earache or pain, don’t ignore it. It could result in hearing damage. Get checked out by a hearing specialist.

Don’t use cotton swabs

Your ears naturally produce earwax to protect your ears from dust and other harmful particles. So don’t clean it away with cotton swabs, you might also end up accidentally damaging your eardrum. If you have excessive earwax, opt for professional earwax removal in London instead.

And now onto our tips for healthy ears that are all about being proactive:

Do wear earplugs around loud noises

Loud noises are a leading cause of hearing loss. From music concerts and fireworks, to lawnmowers and power tools, protect your ears from these sounds with earplugs.

Do keep the volume down

Whether you’re watching TV or listening to music with your headphones, make sure you keep the volume at a reasonable level.

Do eat healthily

A healthy diet is great for every part of your body, including your ears. Foods rich in potassium and magnesium are especially good for your ears; bananas, spinach and potatoes are rich in both.

Do get regular check-ups

Getting a hearing specialist in London to check your ear health regularly means any hearing problems can be caught early, perhaps even before you notice any symptoms, so you can get the treatment you need.

At London Hearing Specialists in Camden, our Audiologist Dr Anshul Morjaria provides high quality hearing care tailored to your needs. All of this comes at affordable prices, so making your hearing health a priority this year won’t break the bank. Click here to get in touch or book your hearing test in London.